Builder only supported on "top" and "bottom"
Builder only supported on "top" and "bottom"

We envision all children in our programs as leaders of tomorrow who will be able provide solutions to dynamic challenges of the world. For this to happen, these children must be equipped with among other things quality education and must possess the correct attitude. Our educational interventions are at three areas:

The child

We provide the child with the needed school materials and pay the required fees in a school where such a child can access quality education. We have developed a sponsorship program and we are seeking for various people and organizations to partner with us by sponsoring at least one child. For those that are interested, we allow the donor to pick a specific child that they would like to support and develop a deep relationship. Some people choose to remain general donors but specify that their donation is toward education. This money is used to support orphans that do not have sponsors.

The family

We sensitize the guardians about how important education is for children under their care. We encourage them not to look at children as only sources of labour but also as future leaders. In some cases, we help guardians discover other alternatives that can substitute child labour so that the child can have enough time for school.

The community

We work with community leaders in the process of implementing our programs so that they have the capacity to be overseers of our programs in their respective communities, including institutional and church leaders. This ensures sustainability and  builds a sense of ownership by all people in the community irrespective of their differences.

You can sponsor a child or donate to the Education Scholarship Fund. Contact us if you would like to be part of our Education program. 


Help us break the cycle of poverty and disease and
"create action oriented leaders...
with knowledge and skills to serve beyond self"
(Numbers 27:18-23)

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