Get Involved

Perhaps you already sponsor a child with us and know the joy arising from helping underprivileged children to find love, encouragement and hope for their future. You may also be involved with another organization and your current budget may not allow you to stretch further. All is normal but here is something else you may consider doing:

Advocate for a Child

Lending your voice as an advocate for a child is one of the most powerful things you can do. When you recommend child sponsorship to your friends and families, you build credibility for AIM Uganda that we can’t achieve without your help. 


Our hope is that you will find a sponsor for them through conversations, email, and social media. Our prayer is that many children will be sponsored this year through the prayer-filled efforts of our staff, volunteers and advocates so these dream-filled children can start school at Act Junior School. Thank you for joining us in this effort!


Get Your Company or Organization Involved

If you are an employee, this may mean praying and speaking to the management of the organization about supporting or partnering with us. If you are a member of the management team, say a director or a member of the board, it may mean seeking God’s guidance on how to get involved. Why not get together with colleagues and organize to do a challenge/activity to raise money for AIM Uganda. Raise money together for a good cause? In all, the involvement of your organization will help children who do not have sponsors but are in dire need for quality education and health care. You and your colleagues can group-sponsor give hope to an orphans. You can be sure that whatever action you take, impact will be for many people.  It is your decision now! 

Church Partnership!

Make that connection! When your church partners with AIM Uganda, a relationship of mutuality and shared mission is born, in the name of love and justice. We invite you and your church to partner with us!  

Pray with and for us!

Our beneficiaries face daily issues that often overwhelm them. Kindly pray for the everyday needs of siblings, friends and schoolmates of our sponsored children. We also ask you to pray that God is able to bring more people to support our programs in different ways. All our programs cannot be implemented without men and women standing in the gap. Is God calling you to pray for our programs?


Market and/or sell HAW Products

Finding market for the products women make is one of the hardest tasks yet these women looks at the income from these for survival with often their families. The impact of every product sold in much more than you can imagine. Send us an email if you would like to sign-up.


Start you own Campaign!

Use your skills, hobbies, and network to help raise awareness and funding for any of our programs.


Use your talents and time to flee children out of poverty and disease in Uganda. Contact us for volunteer opportunities.


Give a one – time Gift!

Your gift will be well utilized in the area of best need. You will be involved in the entire process. You can give a one-time or periodical gift for one of our special programs. You can donate as a present on behalf of someone else.


Help us break the cycle of poverty and disease and
"create action oriented leaders...
with knowledge and skills to serve beyond self"
(Numbers 27:18-23)

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