HIV/AIDS Support

The Rakai district is where the first case of HIV/AIDS was discovered in Uganda in the early 1980s. While some children are infected with the HIV virus or living with AIDS, others are greatly affected by the loss of  parents and siblings. Since then the impact of the disease has been so devastating the entire community.

Despite all effort by government and non-government organizations, the HIV/AIDS prevalence rate in the District remains the highest in the country. Specifically, we intervene through:

  • Training community leaders on how to support those that are already HIV/AIDS positive.
  • Supporting women, most vulnerable in the community, to get income generating activities to minimize their vulnerability resulting from over dependence on men. In their effort to feed the children, women become prey for the men who are HIV/AIDS positive but have the money. We do this through the Hope Again Women’s Ministry
  • Organizing community sports events to bring people together so that we can talk to them about HIV/AIDS
  • Organizing inter-school sports competitions with an aim of speaking to children about HIV/ AIDS while developing their talents.
  • Visiting various school to educate the children about HIV/AIDS, especially how they can avoid it and how they can prolong their life if they already have it.
  • We also make arrangements with schools to allocate us time so that we can show videos to children of people that have been affected by the disease with hope that they can make a choice to protect themselves.

This fight is on and you are welcome to join us so that we can save the next generation in the community and Uganda in general.

Malaria Control Program

In Uganda, Malaria remains the major cause of death for especially children because many families cannot afford to get
proper treatment. Even then, the cost of treating Malaria is much higher than the cost of its prevention. We are making effort to prevent Malaria through:

  • Educating communities on how to avoid Malaria
  • Distribution of  mosquito nets to vulnerable families
  • Periodical fumigation around  selected boarding schools

Because many vulnerable families stay in temporary shelters, mosquito nets are the most effective way of preventing Malaria. 3 mosquito nets can save a family since children sleep together according to gender in many families. Each quality twin sized mosquito net costs $20. 

Special Medical Support

Help us break the cycle of poverty and disease and
"create action oriented leaders...
with knowledge and skills to serve beyond self"
(Numbers 27:18-23)

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