AIM Uganda's sustainability initiatives are a critical part of its development strategy. The purpose of our sustainability program is threefold:

  1. To generate income that sustains some of our activities, allowing us to provide for the orphaned children and vulnerable women in our care.
  2. To create a training component for our young adults so that they are equipped to become future business leaders.
  3. To create employment opportunities for some of our young adults and for members of the extended community.

AIM Uganda operates various income-generating projects, as listed below:


Amazing Grace Bakery

The Amazing Grace Bakery was started because of a donation from one of our partners.  The main goals of the project were to locally raise funds to support some orphans in school and to create employment for uneducated youths, widows and single mothers.  It has gone from strength to strength and is currently operating at capacity, employing 35 people; the baked goods are sold onto women who generate income for themselves by selling them in their shops. We are so thankful to friends and partners whose donations have made it possible. 

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Our fabrications unit  is designed to give uneducated youths an opportunity to acquire skills and knowledge in welding and carpentry. The production unit employs some of the youths it trains and manufactures the necessary items to furnish our schools and other construction projects.

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The ACT Medical Centre

This is still a dream! Uganda has made major strides in improving healthcare over the last two decades, but the need remains, especially in rural areas. The ACT Medical Centre will provide a solution that puts patients first. The mission of the ACT Medical Centre is to create a sustainable healthcare model of compassionate excellence in which patients are served through their physical, emotional, and spiritual needs, for the glory of Jesus Christ while generating funds to support other health related programs including those focusing on HIV/AIDS control and care for the elderly. We need your help to make this dream a reality. Be a champion for this project.

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The ACT Milling Factory

This project will provide a market for women raising corn, millet, sorghum and cassava and will allow them to earn the income they need to care for their families. Women will generate income for themselves by selling their produce to the mill. The flour produced by the mill will be used at the school and also at our Amazing Grace Bakery. In addition, chicken feed will be produced at the mill and sold in the community to raise money to cover school fees for those children who attend the ACT schools but cannot afford to pay.

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The ACT Poultry Farm

It is another dream! This farm will be located on the outskirts of Act Junior School and Act High School. The eggs produced will be delivered to our schools for meals as well as sold to the local market and The Amazing Grace Bakery where they can be used in making cakes and other products. We believe that our children can also gain valuable knowledge, skills and experiences which may be helpful in the future. 

Bob, a long-time friend and supporter passed away recently. Before he went to be with the Lord, he requested that if anyone would like to donate in his memory, such donations be earmarked for this project. Let us know if you would like to know more about the current status of the project.

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