Economic and employment opportunities are extremely scarce in Rakai and Uganda, especially for women who are faced with the incredible task of providing for themselves and their families. Culturally, the women have a great task of providing food for the family the challenge of which is exacerbated by poverty, lack of education and ever increasing population.

The HAWM was started in 2009 to support the extraordinary efforts made by women to support their large families. The HAWM brings together women in the community to hand-make crafts and generate a source of income for their families. It was envisaged as a step towards changing a community culture of marginalizing women and providing an opportunity for empowerment and economic independence. These women receive appropriate training in micro-credit, micro-finance, small business development and marketing to boost potential and to generate critical income for their families.

Today the HAWM supports over 300 women, often grandmothers, widows, and single mothers. They meet in their respective communities every week to make special crafts and encourage each other as sisters. The gatherings also provide a space for them to share their experiences of HIV/AIDS and enables them to receive education and support if required.


The women use the proceeds they earn based on their individual priorities and needs. This could range from paying for: tuition for children, health care, antiretroviral medications, housing, clothing and investment. Some women have been able to start their own business such as a small store, a pineapple farm and a chicken-raising operation. Among other benefits is the reduced violence against women, increased number of children attending good schools, women empowerment, reduced conflicts in the community and formation of community saving groups. The more products we are able to sell, the bigger the impact in the households and community!


AIM’s major task is to support the entrepreneurial efforts of these women by promoting and selling their products. We do this through our friends and partners over the world. We call upon you to support this project by purchasing and/or marketing the products directly or through our partners. If you have any contacts that can help us sell more products, kindly drop us an email or make an order. 

Help us break the cycle of poverty and disease and
"create action oriented leaders...
with knowledge and skills to serve beyond self"
(Numbers 27:18-23)

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